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Exclusive Alcohol Rich Cherry Brandy Marzipan Chocolate Truffles

Cherries are marinated in brandy for a rich intense flavor and Hand-crafted with care and attention our truffles are larger than the standard mass produced manufactured chocolates

Enjoy the taste of quality and luxury any time throughout the year

Vegan Good Life - We now specialize exclusively in hand-crafted alcohol rich and intense cherry brandy marzipan chocolate truffles

Delicious cherries marinated in quality brandy.. You will love these hand- crafted juicy alcohol rich cherry brandy truffles covered in marzipan and dipped in smooth dark luxury chocolate with a cocoa dusting to finish

Gift presented in a natural colour tone box with ribbons. Suitable for all occasions, birthdays, thank you and many special events throughout the year. Or simply go ahead and treat yourself

Vegan Good Life UK proud to be British we make in small batches to order so the chocolates arrive fresh and at their very best direct to your door

We post across the whole of the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

To buy just go to the left menu bar near the top of the page and click on marzipan cherry brandy

Important Notice:

Allergy warning - Our product contains nuts/seeds

Please refer to conditions of sale at the top of this page in the left menu bar. Thank You

Vegan Good Life UK

East Riding Of Yorkshire

England UK

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